Saturday, December 2, 2017

Honey Dog: More Than A Light

Honey Dog: More Than A Light

it will a provide a gentle and calming mood. 

Low lighting can be found to be soothing at night time.

Honey Dog has no sharp parts, and it does not  get hot. The touch Is very smooth. The long ears make it easy for children to hold.

Honey Dog comes with a little honey dog that does not light up.

Awesome idea so that the child could have a daytime version.

Honey Dog  can be put directly into bed or crib with the little ones to protect them from darkness

Cycle through different modes of light simply the tapping the  soft silicone button.
Honey Dog can accompany kids to the toilet

Honey Dog will be there to help you change the diaper at night.

Honey Dog gives a dreamlike atmosphere to create a relaxed bedtime experience.

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