Thursday, November 30, 2017

How To Make Residual Income Off Bitcoin:

How To Make Residual Income Off Bitcoin

It starts by you downloading a bitcoin wallet app this is just like chase pay or anything else I use bitpay but you can use what ever app you like 
Then you start mining at coin pot and use your wallet address as your account the rest is down below 

I currently combine 3 methods to make a steady income it takes a few days to make a bitcoin but with reinvestment its very profitable. 

Bitcoin has made more millennial millionaires than any other field !

The whole concept is compound DAILY interest if you have money to invest then you'll make a daily income right from the start, if not then you have to use the option 2 to make that with using coinpot which is a microwallet and free faucets.


It gives you a free 150gh/s of cloud mining power and you just let it mine over time will be profitable 

Produces bitcoin for you, the more people you sign up the more power they give you. Use the link below to get started.

Verum BTC

–°reate a new account
Make your deposit
Get a daily profit
Share your referral link
You will earn 5% referral comission
Enjoy the profit all the time