Saturday, November 18, 2017

Be Strong: Route 91 from Las Vegas to Home

        Be Strong

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That was a bright day on October 1st going to see the festival 
 A dark night sparked by bullets made it to unbearable 

Shots were fired up high by an  unseen perp 
 There are so many shots for someone not to be hurt

The civilians gave time to transport to those in need 
 We Salute You, We Thank You our heroes indeed 

Security and First Responders not enough thank yous in the world 
 But one more thank you from us to you can not hurt at all 

 My heart was crushed to hear the news that day
Innocent people dying at Mandalay Bay

A moment of silence-------for the 59 
That are laid to rest and left families behind

 The tears and the pain and they scream so loud 
The frustration is building and I want to shout 

 I am at a lost for words but we must breathe 
To exhale the pain, as our hearts continually bleed 

 A moment of silence-------for those whose life was changed 
 After that day on October 1st life will never be the same 

The smoke is clear and our pain is still here 
 We stand Vegas Strong, then and now with no fear

We have cried, We will share, then We will Unite 
At times like these Vegas Strong can be so bright

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Chad C. Carroll