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Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

Blue Man Group in Las Vegas

Only in Las Vegas would you find a group of hairless and non-speaking guys that are blue.  The Blue Man Group is really a fantastic show.  They use PVC pipe as their drums, beat on drums that are filled with milk or paint, and their facial expressions throughout the performance tell the story perfectly.

A branch off the Cirque du Soleil circuit in New York, these guys slipped through the side door.  But this is no repeat of Cirque du Soleil.  There are no acrobatics or aerial maneuvers in this show.    There are just three blue guys making lots of noise and sometimes a lot of messes.
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It doesn't sound very Vegas, but it is just another end of the color spectrum that is also used by Cirque du Soleil.  They wrap themselves up in a blue suit and then paint their faces and hands blue.  They don't talk at all during the hour and half shows, but you can see in their expressions and eye what they are trying to get you to see or do.

They also let audience members in on the fun.  They will choose a volunteer and take them on stage to beat the drums or pipes, and during some shows they encase the volunteer in a cocoon and then paint it blue.

They do perform for minor audiences.  At the Autodesk convention in November of 2006, they did a show at the Venetian for about 8,000 attendees.  Most of these people came out of the show saying how good it really was.  Most also said that they would attend the live show if they had a chance.
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Usually by the end of the show, the audience is roaring with laughter and amazement.  Well worth the ticket price to see and you will most certainly be scratching you head in wonder as you are leaving.

OFFLINE GAMBLING...For richer or poorer

OFFLINE GAMBLING...For richer or poorer                                                

Gambling is very popular, from way back when, and more so today.  It is a scam itself.  In fact the oldest form known.  Not only a scam, but very deceptive.  Statistics show that about six percent of adults that are involved in gambling are severely addicted to such a "past time" as they call it. People who are hooked on gambling have the urge to bet on almost anything.  From horses, cards, and the casino. The number doesn't end there.  It continues to expand.

Casino scams are everywhere.  High payouts and promising winnings are put up in huge slogans thereby attracting people who want to earn money the fast, easy and enjoyable way.  A fact is gamblers waste a lot of their time, in the hope of winning.  So they don't give up easily.

Studies show that gambling problems can easily occur in individuals with no self control.  It is necessary for one to identify if he has problems, so it can be identified and acted upon promptly.

Here are some questions one should ask to detect if there is a problem:

* After gambling, when you lose money, be it a small or a large amount, do regret it, or feel resentment?

* When you win, do you have a strong desire to win more, therefore you want to go back?

* When you lose, do you feel a need to go back very soon?

* Do you spend a lot of time gambling, usually longer than what you planned?

*If you have problems, do you gamble to forget them?

* Are you spending more time gambling than with work?

*Do you not stop until your very last dollar is taken up?

*Do arguments take place between you and your family as a result of your need to gamble?

*To finance your gambling, do you borrow money from friends or associates?

Gambling addiction can be destructive.  Family, friends and your reputation are at risk.  It is a condition often times ignored.  There are escape gamblers that affect seventy five percent of women from their thirties and up.  Usually the reasons for gambling is to escape from the emotional pain that they are in, being bored, lonely, depressed or that they make gambling their hobby or past time.  These types of addiction can be cured in three to six months.

The action gambler is much more difficult to deal.  Most are men, where gambling for them creates ecstasy like a drug addition.  This is much harder to cure, since the individual will deny the fact, when confronted.  They will typically not stop until left with nothing, financially.

As gambling creates a lot of scams, it is a fact that still more and more are drawn to it.  The primary reason is to win a huge amount of money.  But then comes in the most lethal of reasons -- that of feeling a certain euphoria.  Scams or no scams, an individual still continues to gamble and is a reason why offline gambling still thrives today.

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How to Start A Successful Online Gambling Business

How to Start A Successful online Gambling Business

Gambling is one of the lucrative gaming activities in the society today. It is lucrative in the sense that it renders endless possibilities for a businessman to earn more money.

This is where the reality sinks in, that, in gambling, the only person who gains from it is the business man or the owner of the gambling business. This is because people who play gambling games usually end up losing more as they continuously try their luck by adding more bets and risking more money, and even property.

 With this fact, no wonder why more and more people are resorting to put up a gambling business, especially now that the Internet is incessantly growing at breakneck speed.

Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, setting up a gambling business online is relatively easy. Best of all, you don’t just get to earn more money  but get to penetrate the industry faster and even better because of the wide diversity that the Internet can cover.

No wonder why in the United States alone, commercial casinos have accumulated almost $29 billion in just a year of gross revenue.

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In fact, commercial casinos are prevalent in the US nowadays. There are currently 28 states that have Indian casinos, 11 have commercial casinos, and 40 states have lotteries. All in all, the US has 445 commercial casinos.

So for people who want to start gambling business, especially those online, here’s how:

Americans Agree: End the
Federal Sports Betting Ban
A solid majority of Americans (55%) believe it is
time to end the federal sports betting ban. Doing
so would empower states and tribal sovereign
governments to decide whether to allow sports
Majority support for ending the federal sports
betting ban spans political party, income, race,
education, urban and rural areas and regions of
the country.
Americans who agree on little else agree it
is time to end the federal sports betting ban:
Roughly six in ten Trump voters, and one half of
Clinton voters, want to end the ban.
American Sports Fans Want to
Empower Local Governments
Nearly three-in-four (72%) avid sports fans favor
ending the federal sports betting ban and letting
states decide. Doing so would empower states
and tribal sovereign governments to decide
whether to allow sports wagering.
Across every major American sport, a strong
majority of fans support ending the ban,
including football, baseball, basketball, soccer,
hockey, golf and auto racing.
Even Americans who do not follow sports
believe it’s time to change the law: 45 percent of
non-sports fans want to end the federal ban.
American Voters Believe
Ending the Federal Ban Could
Help Local Communities
Nearly 2 in 3 Americans believe legal, regulated
sports betting would deliver new tax revenues to
local communities and create new jobs.
Six in ten (57%) Americans agree regulated
sports betting would protect consumers.
Were it legal to bet on sports, roughly 28 million
Americans of betting age – the entire population
of Texas – would be more likely to do so.
Current law has failed.
It has created a massive
illegal market.
No regulatory oversight.
No consumer protections.
Not tax benefits flowing
back to communities.
It’s time to end the federal
sports betting ban.
The One Issue that Unites All
American Voters: Ending the
Federal Sports Betting Ban

 Americans bet an estimated $15 billion on Super Bowl 51 and March Madness combined — and
an estimated 97 percent of that total was bet illegally. Two facts are clear from this data: Americans love
betting on sports and the federal prohibition on sports betting has failed. Results from a national survey
conducted for the American Gaming Association by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (GQR) show Americans
believe it’s time to repeal the federal ban. This would allow both state and tribal sovereign governments to

decide for themselves whether to allow sports betting.

1. If a person wants to start an online gambling business, it is important to get the needed items first. The most important thing of all is the software. Be informed that this costs millions of US dollars. This goes to show that people who want to start an online gambling business must be really rich.

2. Whether online or not, starting a gambling business needs an approval from the government. This goes to show that the gambling business being put up is legal and conforms to the rules and regulations set up by the law.

3. For online gambling business, it is a must that the owner has to be a licensee of an online gambling software provider. In this way, the business owner will be able to receive the necessary equipments and software needed in the online gambling business.
Indeed, gambling business can be very lucrative, especially if it is a legal one. And just like any businesses, proper management is the key element in order to succeed in the industry.