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How to plan for A Las Vegas Vacation.

                       Planning a Las Vegas Vacation
It seems as though there are a million activities to do when visiting Las Vegas, especially when you read about all the attractions before you arrive in the city. However, after many people finally arrive to the great Las Vegas city they oftentimes find that there are millions of more things that can be done around Las Vegas. Whether it's gambling at the famous scenes of the Las Vegas casinos or its simply relaxing to enjoy your stay at the world-class hotel that you've made reservations at, there is always going to be plenty to do and see in Las Vegas. Here are some major attractions that you don't want to miss while planning your trip to Las Vegas:

The Adventuredome

When thinking about your trip to Las Vegas one of the words that probably came to mind was "adventure." However, you can also experience a real adventure by going to the Adventuredome in the Las Vegas Strip. Not many people realize that this attraction is in Las Vegas until they actually arrive, but the Adventuredome is made to attract all sorts of people even though families, kids, and teenagers are the ones who you'll see hanging out here the most. However, there is a lot to do within this 5-acre building. Whether you want to ride on the many rides that are available or play games throughout the Midway Game portion of Adventuredome, the possibilities are literally endless.

Some of the interesting rides and attractions that are located inside the Adventuredome in Las Vegas include the Canyon Blaster Roller Coaster, the Xtreme Zone, plenty of clown shows, as well as plenty of arcade games to choose from. There is also a putt-putt golf course, as well as a rock climbing wall for all to enjoy!

The Fashion Show Mall

If you thought that your trip to the mall ended with your local mini-mall then you may just want to check again. In Las Vegas, the awesome Fashion Show mall has plenty of opportunities to shop at the over-200 stores and restaurants available. This mall is so named, though, because the many fashion shows that take place here are usually regular occurrences. Some of the major stores that sit in the Fashion Show Mall include Bloomingdale's, Dillard's, Macy's, Abercrombie and Fitch, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Ann Taylor, as well as a whole host of other ones that are just too numerous to name!

The M&M World

This is a really interesting and creative Las Vegas store, but the M&M World incorporates everything M&M related into their store, and actually contains two huge floors that are fully devoted to the chocolate candies that many people in America love!

Phone charger – that battery isn’t going to last long without your charger.  Bring a few extra, as the chargers at the casinos are way expensive and you always lose one somewhere.

Comfortable footwear – even if you plan to take a cab or limo around town, you’ll still be doing a lot of walking in Vegas.  Make sure to bring along some comfortable shoes.  Tight shoes and hot weather are a perfect combination for blisters.  We see quite a few clients at our urgent care for foot related issues.

Dressy clothing – if you plan on staying in an upscale hotel, playing high stakes games, or enjoying fine dining while in Vegas, be certain to carry some nice clothing.  While you can easily get away with casual clothing at the slots, you don’t want to show up at a swanky restaurant looking like a rube.  Plus, if the establishment has a dress code, they might not even seat you.  Some of the more popular restaurants in Vegas are enforcing dress codes now…so beware!

Prescription medications – if you’re taking any prescription drugs, pack enough for your entire trip.  No one wants to waste their Vegas vacation at a pharmacy or emergency room.  It’s also a good idea to bring your meds in the original prescription bottles, especially if they’re controlled substances.  It might save you a lot of hassle at the airport.  We see quite a few patients that have blood pressure that is completely out of control since they left their blood pressure pills at home.  This can create bad headaches, strain on your heart, and possibly a trip to the ER.

Sun protection – sure, you can easily buy sunscreen once you arrive in Vegas, but you really should pack a hat and/or sunglasses.  Las Vegas is usually very sunny year round – it is in the desert, after all.  You can even get sunburned here in the winter.

Casual clothing – you’ll be wearing this for the majority of your trip.  Choose something light and cool.  Shorts, linen shirts, and sundresses are good options.

Swimwear – your hotel will have a pool and public skinny-dipping is frowned on, even in Vegas.  Remember to pack some swimwear – just stay out of the Bellagio’s fountains.  Bring a cover-up if you are female.   Most of the upscale casinos require women to wear cover-ups through the casinos.

Extra space – Vegas has some incredible shops and boutiques.  Use all that extra space you’ve saved with this guide to bring home souvenirs and gifts.  Your friends and family will thank you.

If you follow the guide above, you’ll have all your Vegas essentials.  If there’s something you absolutely can’t live without, feel free to pack it.  Just keep in mind that your hotel will usually offer complimentary toiletries and other sundries.

All in all, it is really possible to easily find something that one can enjoy while planning a vacation to Las Vegas. These are some of the more interesting attractions that are still equally as popular as the many casinos in Las Vegas. All of these attractions, though, offer the excitement of a lifetime for any and all who choose to come!

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