Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Las Vegas Hosts/ Hostesses of the Day/ Night Life

  Welcome to Entertainment Concierge, we give you the first good impression. Now there are a lot of hosts/ hostesses out here, but we aim to keep you entertained and excited with the best host locally, of your choice. Some of the host I personally know, some I have done research on.  Entertainment Concierge would like to guide you in your journeys while you are here in Las Vegas.   
   With so much to do so many places to see, everybody wants to try new things, go new places, it is your third and fourth trip here the list goes on and on. We want to make that easier for you with professionals that can help with your divorce party, your engagement party,  your bachelorette party, your bachelor party, just a guys weekend out, just a girls weekend out, that 21st birthday can be so special with Entertainment Concierge.
  Whatever the reason maybe let me personally "Thank You" for coming to Las Vegas and joining in the fun.  The list of Hosts/ Hostesses that are provided here are in the industry for one reason and one reason only, that is to cater to your party needs.  Because you are here to make the best of your playtime.  
  After being in the industry for over 10 years and serving High Society members rappers, singers, basketball players, football players High Profile DJ's, we learn how to keep our composure and focus on the job at hand and that's what we are doing here. We want you to focus on having fun and let us focus on getting you there.
  Concierges—the excellent ones—are geniuses, magicians in the art of hospitality. They have a spirit that separates not only concierges from other professionals, but also the good concierges from the great concierges.    Entertainment  Concierge  will be bringing you the best of the best therefore we are giving you the first good impression.
   This is how most of the normal guest lists work without bottle/ table service:

  1. Text the hosts/ hostesses Give your name just how it is on your Driver's license/ passport or identification card. Spelling is very important. I have witnessed decline because of misspelled names and you may end up paying full price. So the purpose of the guest lists is to skip general admission and get started early. Make sure you are on the guest list. A confirmation text will be sent and should be kept.
  2. Only give the number of women and men, for instance 2 ladies and 2 guys, and so on and so forth. Usually there is a window of entrance for guests, that are on the guest lists. For most events an even ratio is needed in order for the promo to work. Anything outside of the even ratio may result in discounted or full payment. Ladies usually have drink tickets or a window that allows them to return to the bar. Don't forget to leave an appreciation tip of service when receiving comped drinks.
  3. Make sure to get there early, and keep in contact with your host/ or hostess, have all proper identification to show the doormen. Ask about dress codes or which attire is best for the atmosphere. Some clubs do have restrictions. Once you are there take a walk around find the restrooms, find the bar and get to the party.
For Bachelorette/ Bachelor birthday parties activities, dining, ladies/ gentleman's club and all of your event planning requests. Call or text, go to the web site and pick your host/ hostess.

#1  Vegas Party VIP www.vegaspartyVIP.com 702.279.2365    

#2  Las Vegas guest list www.LasVegasGuestList.com 

#3 Vegas Guy VIP www.vegasguyvip.com 702.721.8479

#4 Viva Las Guest List www.vivalasguestlist.com 908.770.3570 
#5 Let Loose Vegas www.letloosevegas.com 1.800.277.3233 

#6 Hot Shot Vegas www.hotshotvegas.com 702.970.9702 

#7 Surreal Night Life www.surrealnightlife.com 773.459.8133

#8 Xclusive Vegas VIP www.xclusivevegasvip.com 818.472.9323 

#9 DiscoTech www.discotech.me 415.735.6716

#10 Red Carpet VIP vipnight.com 1.888.847.6483

#11 Mi5t Entertainment www.mi5t.myvegasbusiness.com 1.888.882.2656

#12 Nokturnal Lifestyle nokturnallifestyle.com 702.518.2667

#13 Vegas Club Connect www.vegasclubconnect.com 1.888.786.3496

#14 Vegas Party Scenes www.vegaspartyscenes.com 702.466.2868

#15 Bachelor Vegas www.bachelorvegas.com 1.800.920.8847

#16 Lifestyle Vegas ClubTours www.lifestylevegasclubtours.com 702.528.0329

#17 Bottle Service Vegas bottle-service-vegas.com 702.907.0023

#18 VIP Access Service vipaccessservice.com 702.323.5330

#19 24-7 Vegas VIP www.24-7vegasvip.com 702.810.2713

#20 VIP Access vipaccessservice.com 702.514.0818

Each service company has it's own unique style of hospitality and each also offer  different packages from different venues. Some have concerts, shows and other deals.https://twitter.com/froliccity

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Thank you for this blog!!! That is so helpful because now I know what should I do when I am on my vacation in Vegas and want to go out at night... Great...